Behind Closed Doors!

Apr 21, 2019


Show Poster

Vision Nation brings a voice to the silenced in this year’s Galway theatre festival. Presenting stylised versions of true events, ‘Behind Closed Doors!’ unabashadly shows the lives of the thousands living within the direct provision system in Ireland.

Through devisement with a multitude of actors living in direct provision in Galway, Vision Nation has collected stories of the everyday lives of characters living within this system. 

Live music colours and highlights the important tales shown onstage, as the truth of living in direct provision is mirrored so eloquently. A myriad of cultures, languages and personality clash and combine as they are thrown together in one room, with no account for privacy or dignity.

This show will ask the audience what does the average human deserve, as they are shown the all too present circumstances some people in Ireland currently live in. Directed by Jenny Bassett with live music from Benjamin Oben and Kingsley Anokye. 

‘Behind Closed Doors!’ Runs in the Bank of Ireland theatre May 6th-7th at 5pm with a 8.30pm show also on the 7th. Each performance will last approx. 1 hour and will be followed by a Q&A. To avail of tickets, click here.

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