Cláirseach ina tost / The Harp Silenced

Apr 24, 2019


The Irish harp was silenced along with so much of Irish culture during the Cromwellian years. The Irish identity was fragmented and sadly forgotten. 

Garraí am Ghiorria, a collective of Gaeilgeoirí theatre makers, have decided that our voice has been silenced too long.

‘Cláirseach Ina Tost/The Harp silenced’ will be a showcase of poetry, storytelling and music which will reclaim the Irish identity through the power of the arts.

‘Cláirseach Ina Tost/The Harp silenced’ is a work in progress performance that will run at the Mick Lally theatre may 8th at 4pm. To avail of tickets click here.