Galway Theatre Festival Workshops!

Apr 27, 2019


For the first time ever, Galway Theatre Festival is introducing a series of workshops to aid in the understanding and the development of theatre
practitioners in Galway.

An exciting array of workshops will be available, provided by both local theatre makers and the Association of Irish Stage Technician (AIST).

These workshops include:

  1. QLAB with AIST: A 9-5pm course which gives a thorough insight into basics the sound and lighting system, QLAB.
  2. Stage pass with AIST: A safe pass tailored to theatrical work, this course will give a good theoretical knowledge of health, safety and good work ethic within the theatre.
  3. Costume design with Saileog O’ Halloran.
  4. Sound Design with Jack Cawley.
  5. Cue One Lighting Design with Sarah a Jane Shiels (This includes both theoretical and practical aspects).

To book your spot for any of the above, click here.