GTF Exhibitions!

Apr 29, 2019


Galway Theatre Festival is proud to embrace the visual arts as well as the theatrical arts with both the ‘Inquisitive Hares’ and ‘Impressions’ exhibitions.

Galwegian artist Donnacha Cahill presents his first ever solos exhibition with ‘Inquisitive Hares’. Cahills work has been exhibited in many festivals in both Ireland and the U.K.. His work can be seen May 7th-14th at the O’Donoghue Centre. Opening night is May 7th at 6.30 pm.

A past piece of Cahill’s.
GTF Poster, Lara Luxardi Piece

Lara Luxardi’s ‘Impressions’ will feature at the Mick Lally theatre May 3rd-11th. She comments on the work in this exhibit, saying “My cyanotypes, layered with old photographs, and mixed media illustrations, aim to depict the way our memory works, selecting details of our experiences, and leaving shadows and undefined areas”.

Admission to both exhibitions are free. Enjoy!