Marty Moncrieff, The Teddy Bear Thief

Apr 15, 2019


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‘Monty Moncrief The Teddy Bear Thief’ is a show filled with cuddly bears, crime and is guaranteed to steal your heart! This family friendly caper follows the mischievous bear, Monty Moncrief: a teddy bear with a penchant for pinching other people’s things. His dastardly deeds don’t go unnoticed though: soon enough Monty has two Gardaí on his fuzzy tail. Will anyone be able to stop this bold bear, or better yet, help him change his ways? This wonderful family show will run May 3rd-6th at 8pm (with an extra matinée performance at 4pm on the 6th) at the Bank of Ireland theatre. Don’t miss out on the criminally sweet adventure! To book your tickets, click here.

This show is suitable for children aged 6+ and has a running time of 45 minutes.

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