Searlit O’Gallachoir ~ Fantasy Ireland

Apr 12, 2019


Show Poster

What is it to be Irish? What is it to not be Irish? Charlotte Gallagher explores the muddled mystery of national identity in this brand new show. Charlotte will be traversing multiple performance elements, including stand up, storytelling and Irish folklore. Focusing on the humour that comes from internal crises, this piece will be a light hearted analysis of an ever pressing matter of who we are and what makes us who we are. As an English woman with Irish roots, Charlotte will discuss her own perceptions of Ireland and the Irish before and after moving here. This will be an intimate. one woman performance with some mild audience participation. ‘Searlit O’ Gallachoir~ Fantasy Ireland’ will run at the Town hall studio May 3rd-5th at 5pm and on May 8th will have a very special performance in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop at 8.30pm. The show runs at 50 minutes long. To book tickets, click here.