The Game of Claire

Apr 11, 2019


‘The Claire of Claire’ poster.

‘The Game of Claire’ is Diffused Theatre’s first ever interactive ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ play.  An exploration of the liminality of youth and indecision, ‘The Game of Claire’ is a whimsical exercise in choice and the lack thereof.

The work in progress follows the young and frustrated Claire. Paralysed by a plethora of paths for her to go down, Claire has lived a stagnated life for over a year. However, her life is violently kickstarted back into gear by the ever bland Karen and her panel of ‘experts’ (The audience).

The panel of experts will decide the course of Claire’s life for an entire year. The consequences of each and every decision shall be played out in front of the audience for their entertainment, and for Claire’s mortification.

Playwright Alice Keane and Diffused Chairperson Emma Walsh.

The show will run at 40 minutes, with a 20 minute Q&A after the performance. The session shall focus on the writing mechanics of the story. “I am hoping to develop this play to it’s fullest potential of entertainment and immersion” says writer Alice Keane “I am optimistic that by showcasing early stages of this narrative, I will gain useful insight into how to create a story where the audience truly feels that they are part of the story and can fully invest themselves in what will happen to the characters they control.

‘The Game of Claire’ will take place in the O’ Donoghue Centre on Tuesday, the 7th of May at 5pm. Free entry. To book a ticket for this exciting new piece of theatre click here.

Box Office Info

BY PHONE/IN PERSON: Town Hall Theatre Box Office - 091569777 - Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm
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TICKET COLLECTION: Tickets can be collected from the Town Hall Theatre Box Office up to 3hours before the performance, and on the doors 30mins before the show.

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