Top 5 places to eat before you see a show!

Apr 27, 2019


Galway is a gastronomic haven; you can’t turn for the amount of sumptuous food establishments. And we here at the Galway Theatre Festival know nothing on this earth is better than dinner and a show! So, we thought we’d make up a little guide of places to grab a delicious plate of something before coming to see one of our delicious shows! Tuck in your bibs and let’s get started!

  1. Biteclub

A dear friend and sponsor of GTF, we feel Biteclub should be at the top of most lists! Situated a short walk away from most of our show venues, Biteclub is the perfect meeting spot and eatery for us theatre goers. The staff are always friendly and the new make over the place has gotten this year has cranked the chic factor right up. Make sure you’ve left the car somewhere for the night because the cocktails here are divine and the wide variety invites you to try at least two! We suggest trying their staple Louisiana chicken burger with a gin slushee (But honestly? It’s all good stuff, you can’t go wrong here!).

2. TGO Falafel Bar

Looking for some veggie/vegan options that aren’t just iced water? Look no further! TGO falafel bar offers some tasty options that are reasonably priced and will fill you for most of the day! Plus, while your waiting for your food, you can peruse the many show posters they have on their notice board and decide what you’d like to see after a good lunch! We recommend their ‘not chicken’ roll: it’s vegan and just so darn good!

3. Caribou

A two-minute walk from the Town Hall Theatre, Caribou is an excellent spot to grab a pint and a plate before a show in the Studio. The place itself has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, and they stock craft beers from the Franciscan Well (Which our Corkonian intern says is terribly wise of them!). Their burgers and loaded fries are worth mentioning and even more worth eating! We hope you’re reading this while your digging into their food right now!

4. Handsome Burger

Did someone say burgers? Well, you can’t without talking about the mouth-watering sensation that is Handsome burger! A treat for the senses, the food here is top quality and the lads who run it are sound as anything! We can’t even decide which meal to recommend, they’re all as good as each other! Be warned though, if you try their parmesan and bacon fries with garlic aioli, you may be rolling to whatever show you’re catching after. Worth it though!

5. Dela

Treat yo self! It’s Saturday, the last day of the festival. You’re a bit delicate after the post- show drinks last night, and need some fuel before the matinee. Well, let’s go for some of the best brunch in Galway. Dela is delicious and there’s always a queue out the door on the weekend, so try and get there early enough. The décor inside is so pretty and the buzz is always great. Get yourself the best pancakes with maple syrup and bacon you’ve ever had, and toast the end of a phenomenal festival with some fresh squeezed orange juice.

Hungry yet? Us too! GTF can’t come fast enough…