What’s the show for you?

May 6, 2019


Some of our wonderful theatre makers

The Galway Theatre Festival is teeming with a plethora of unique shows. Not sure which one is right for you? Well, let us help you narrow it down!

Are you looking for…?

Something kid-friendly?

GTF is always sure to have something to inspire our future thespian. This year’s must-see for the sprogs are ‘Monty Moncrieff The Teddy Bear Thief’, a sweet caper about a mischievous bear being chased by two friendly Gardai and 4 elements, the local circus act that defies belief! These shows are sure to be fantastic for all ages, and it beats another marathon of Paw Patrol!

Something Different?

Looking for something a little different to you 3 act story structure? Well, this year’s GTF programme holds the eclectic, the quirky and the certifiable different! Our sold-out show ‘Also For Roaring’ will be a exploration of the weird and nonsensical. Based on a Dadaist play, it promises to be anything but boring! Another show which will incorporate movement, dark humour and audience participation is ‘Arbitration (Or a Life Worth Living)’. If dance theatre is your thing, take a look at ‘Between language and limb’ (An amalgamation of dance and poetry) and ‘This Was Never Going to Be Normal’ (The title says a whole lot, doesn’t it?). Whatever your taste is, we’ve got something for you!

Something new?

We are bursting at the seams for new work at it’s most exciting stage of development! Our works in progress range from  ‘The Game of Claire’, a play where the audience decides what will happen to it’s main character, to ‘Cláiseach ina Thost/ The Harp Silenced’ a weaving of Irish music, movement and oral arts which celebrate what was lost during the Cromwell invasion. If you want to see brilliant theatre in it’s early stages, check out all our Works in progresses here. You won’t be disappointed!

Something inherently Galway?

Galway is inherently a place of magic and love. Theatre is the lifeblood of Galway and this year we have some cracking show that celebrates just that! Our sold out show ‘Are You there Una ’ brings us tales of the life of formidable Galwegian that was Una Taaffe. And of course, what could be more integrally Galway than a Macnas parade? This year they bring us ‘Beats on the Street’ a chance for their young drumming troupe to show their stuff out in the world. Gotta love Galway, am I right?

To see our full programme, and to learn about our fabulous membership offers, click here.

2019 I going to be a year to remember, lads!