Blood on the Moon

By Brick Wall Theatre


April 7th, 1868. Ottawa, Canada. 2am.
Thomas D’Arcy McGee, former Irish rebel leader turned famous politician, is shot point blank.
James Patrick Whelan, Galway-born and fellow Irish immigrant, is accused of the crime and sentenced to death.
Now, close to 150 years after his execution, Whelan still walks the streets of Ottawa, determined to prove his innocence and rewrite the history books...
With only one actor, one chair, and 18 characters, this show blends physical theatre and storytelling to create a compelling revisitation of Whelan’s trial and final days on death row.
Celebrating the close ties between Canada and Ireland,Blood on the Moons captures the fascinating history of the Irish Fenians overseas, and their role in the birth of a new nation.

Writteb by Pierre Bault
Performed by Jérémie Cyr-Cooke

April 18-19. 1pm & 7pm
O'Donoghue Centre NUI Galway