Capitalism: The Musical
By Deirdre Murphy


Capitalism: The Musical is an acrobatic political satire on the state we are in and the future we can create.

A razor sharp fairytale of heroes, emperors, and magic, the musical tells the tale of of eight everyday heroic acrobats who - with a little help from their Fairy God Mothers - take on the trio of scheming Emperors at the top.
Performed by a multi-talented, international cast of acrobats, singers and performers, with music provided by a live band, Capitalism: The Musical tells a serious tale through acrobatic virtuosity, comedic humour and - of course - magical musical numbers.
Spells are cast and broken, whistles are blown, and a possible future is written...

April 21. 5pm & 9pm
April 22. 3pm & 9pm
Bank of Ireland Theatre


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