Dancing Dogs
By Farna Theatre


“Dereenathirigy. ... It’s a place of halves … It’s half nice, half not nice. Half the people would help you if you dropped your shopping bags. Half of them would smash you over the head with a shovel and then rob your Weetabix.”

Dancing Dogs is a story about belonging and purpose. It’s a story of life and death and the mystery of Dereenathirigy, the strange world which Murphy and Him inhabit.
What is Dereenathirigy and why are they there?

Join Murphy and Him as they uncover mystery after mystery - Why is Nuala Leary dead? Why are the Crows stalking them? And why are the Dogs of Dereenathirigy dancing…

Fast-paced and surreal, with moments of intimate story-telling, Dancing Dogs showcases new Irish writing in the style of Enda Walsh and Mark O’Rowe.

Written by Timothy O'Mahony
Performed by Irene Kelleher and Tommy Harris
Directed by Eoin O'hAnnrachain
Produced by Farna Theatre Company

Developped with the support of Corcadorca Theatre Development Centre, and Cork City Council Arts Office

April 20 & 22. 6pm
April 21. 9pm
Nun's Island Theatre