Eamonn (From Menswear)
By Ill-Advised Theatre


A one-man musical comedy about things that aren’t funny.

Eamonn (From Menswear) is a one-man musical comedy interrogating the essence of Irish identity and culture while asking the questions: What makes someone Irish? Who decides who is welcome in Ireland? And - do you have these in a size nine?
Eamonn is the manager of a menswear store. He is a young, devoted father and husband; a diligent worker; a considerate neighbour; and a passionate karaoke enthusiast. Like many young Irish men, Eamonn lives his life according to his own self-curated code of ethics, but the principles he once swore by become contorted and unstable when slowly encroaching questions of identity, morality and conscience start to plague his mind. Eamonn (From Menswear) is a stylish, political and provocative fashion-infused musical dealing with the idea of a nation slowly ridding itself of the stratification of race, gender, sexuality and religion.
But it’s a comedy, like.

April 21-23. 7pm
Mick Lally Theatre


"Sharp and slick ★★★★" … "Swirling in and out of every verse like raspberry ripple syrup, Eamonn goes full throttle at freestyling, even pulling off hip-hop with aplomb".. "The boy can rhyme."
Kate O’Hara, The Daily Mail

“A shrewd exploration of identity politics in modern Ireland, one that could inspire a new fashion of understanding.”
Chris McCormack, Exeunt Magazine

“Foley creates an entertaining and engaging production, bringing it to life with his dynamic and enthusiastic performance.” … “Foley’s script is vivacious, madcap and delightfully frank. There is a self-awareness to his writing that wraps the audience around his little finger and has them rolling in the aisles.”
Saoirse Anton, Sitting on the Fourth Wall

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