By Bread & Salt

My little intelligence made me leave my country leaving behind everything I possessed, even the manuscript of a book half-finished for years.

Welcomed and hunted immediately, I wander now; my steps took me far, far from my home country, to reach this European Finistere, facing this ultimate frontier: the Atlantic.
The alienation from which I suffer is not that of madness, but that of being a foreigner in relation to his host country, a stranger to himself, a stranger to the nonsense of life.
I am an exiled tourist who likes to write legends. How am I going to tell this one?

A work-in-progress showing adapted from writings, stories and witness accounts from people who fled their countries at war and are now living in Galway.

Based in Galway, Bread & Salt theatre company takes its name from the ingredients offered in many countries in Europe and the Middle-East as a ceremonial gesture to welcome strangers into one’s home. Bringing together artists and volunteers of many nationalities, the company aims to construct a bridge of appreciation and understanding between the Middle-Eastern and other communities in Galway through inclusive and active cultural engagement.

Running Time: 30 mins +QA
Booking at wipgtf@gmail.com, donation on the door

May 9th 5:00pm
Nun’s Island Theatre