Marilyn Monroe Airlines: Always Late and Unreliable!
By Zocorro


Inspired by the turbulent life of Hollywood’s most glamorous icon, Zocorro, the sole crew member of a scandalous budget airline, proudly perpetuates Marilyn Monroe’s best known qualities.
Writer and performer, Leonor Bethencourt, who’s “Zocorro Rose of Tralee” one woman show delighted audiences in GTF 2016, returns to Galway to take you on the flight of your life.
Zocorro, a Spanish ingénue with a twist, lands a job she never thought she’d get. But how can she keep up the demeanor of teasing sensuality the aviation business demands? Marilyn Monroe has the answer!
Simmering with raw emotions, this is a comedy about flying and reaching for the stars.

Presented in the atmospheric Cava Restaurant, with a tapas lunch.

April 20-21. 1pm & 3pm
Cava Restaurant