Marty Moncrieff, The Teddy Bear Thief

By Beluga Theatre

Children's Theatre

Fast cars, trainloads of gold, priceless artwork. There’s nothing this teddy bear can’t steal. Marty is the most IN-famous thief there is. He’s even pulled off snatching the moon in broad daylight. From cookies to jewellery to the fiver in your pocket, he’s not running out of stuff to swipe. But with a new detective hot on his fluffy heels, Marty is running out of places to hide.

Will he change his ways?

This is an adventure story about the cutest outlaw you ever did see.

May 4, 3pm

May 5-May 6, 12pm & 3pm

O’Donoghue Centre for Theatre, Drama and Performance, NUIG

Duration: 45 mins

Age suitability: 4+