Return of The Mackerel Eators
By AIndrias de Staic, Daniel Guinnane & Jonathan Gunning


Local band The Mackrealaytors are searching for their inspiration and motivation in the cultural graveyard of ambition, Galway City. The lads’ lives revolve around music and fishing, (for gigs and mackerel!), but drinking, smoking, and harebrained schemes override their “art”. Sure they’ve got soul - but they'd sell every screed of it for a gig! Welcome to a night in the life of the Mackerel eating musicians. Waking up late in the day, searching for the memory of the night before and the music that’s lost in half-baked notions. But nobody wants to mention the obvious, or are they deliberately trying to forget the antics of the night before...

April 20-23. 10pm
Mick Lally Theatre