Tech Workshop & Training

For the first time, GTF is delighted to offer a series of training opportunities & technical workshops.

Join us to learn the key elements of sound and lighting design, costume design, set painting and more!


QLab with AIST


Saturday 4th May (9am - 5pm)

Bank of Ireland Theatre (NUIG)

QLab 3 basic training will cover programming, routing, workflow, audio effects, some editing and also an intro to AV content.
Attendees should have a mac with them, preferably a MacBook Pro, with a QLab license (rental licenses are only $3-7 per day). Qlab 3 requires OS 10.8 or later. Download Qlab HERE

StagePass with AIST


Thursday 9th May (9am-5pm)

O'Donoghue Centre - Studio 1 (NUIG)

The course is theoretical and is similar to Safepass but designed for the theatre and entertainment industries.

Stagepass aims to promote good work practice and to create a safe and effective working environment in technical theatre by establishing a required minimum knowledge base for all technical theatre practitioners. This encompasses both general areas of safety and health at work and areas of safe work practice and health particular to the area of professional stage and theatre production.

Costume Design with Saileog O'Halloran

Saturday 4th May (12pm-5pm)

O'Donoghue Centre - Studio 1 (NUIG)

€20 - Book now

Sound Design with Jack Cawley

Sponsored by Atlantic Audio 

Friday 10th May (12am-5pm)

O'Donoghue Theatre (NUIG)

€20 - Book now

Lighting Design with Sarah Jane Shiels

 Sponsored by Cue One Ireland 

Saturday 11th May (12am-5pm)

O'Donoghue Centre - Studio 1 (NUIG)

€20 - Book now

Pre-lunch 12:00 - 1:30:  Introduction to lighting design for theatre and dance.  Learn about the fundamentals of lighting design. Some case studies of designs from ideas to realisation. 

Post-lunch 2:00 - 5:00:  An opportunity to design for a short performance.  Put what you have learnt at the beginning of the day into practice, by designing a short performance inspired by text/music or movement.


Booking Info

Places for workshops are very limited!

All workshops (except for AIST workshops) might be booked through our Festival Box Office online, or in person at the Town Hall Theatre.

For more info & booking for AIST workshops (StagePass & QLab), please email