The Locksmith's Song
By Eoin Lynch


Children's Show (7+)

A grumpy locksmith is sent an old wooden box.
'A present?' he thinks - but no one would send him a present. It is locked, but he of all people should know how to open it… He crafts a key and opens it up. Long forgotten memories pour out. Memories of his lost mother's love, and of the old man who showed him the magic that locks can hold. With each memory his heart grows a little lighter…
This highly visual production mixes puppetry and object manipulation with dynamic physical theatre.
Keys and locks sing and dance, shadow puppets float and fascinate.
All told by Eoin Lynch, one of Ireland’s most experienced performers for young audiences.

April 22. 2 & 4pm
April 23. 1 & 3pm
Mick Lally Theatre