The Only Jealousy of Emer

by W.B Yeats

The great hero Cuchulain is on his deathbed. His body was washed up by the shore after a long and senseless fight with the sea. There are three women around him: his wife, Emer, his lover, Eithne Inguba, and Fand, an evil creature of the Sidhe. His fate is in their hands. Yeats’s poetic dance-drama focuses exclusively on the feelings and motivations of the female characters, and portrays the emotional turmoil that Emer suffers as she is forced to face her own jealousy to save her husband’s life.

May 5 5pm
May 6 5pm
May 7 5pm
May 8 1pm with QA

O’Donoghue Centre, NUIG - 50 mins


Galway City Council