The Realness of Miss Representation

By Steven Sharpe

Steven Sharpe will debut his new one man musical "The Realness of Miss Representation" at the 2019 Galway Theatre Festival.

In the show, Sharpe takes an autobiographical look at being a 30 something gay man in a post yes equality Ireland. With more freedoms, options, obstacles and expectations for the LGBTQ+ community, how will Steven deal with the current social climate?

Heartfelt, harrowing, hilarious and always serving up realness*, let Miss Representation come through with the tee!

This will be Steven's first theatre show since his sold out run of “Who's The Man?” in 2013. A show which went on to become a live album to great critical acclaim. Since then, Sharpe was been touring shows across Ireland and Europe, along with many musical collaborations and countless performances doing what he does best.

"One of the most exciting acts to hit the Galway scene in recent times. Songwriter, storyteller, raconteur, guitarist, entertainer, and challenger of traditional gender and sexual roles, Steven Sharpe is a man deserving of the term ‘multi-talented." - Kernan Andrews, Galway Advertiser

(*presenting his authentic self, let Steven Sharpe tell you what’s up!)

May 7 & May 9 at 8:30pm

Town Hall Theatre Studio

Duration: 90 mins + interval