The Words Are There

The Nth Degree Productions presents The Words Are There
A New Play Written and Performed by Ronan Dempsey

A flat in dreamy Bettystown. He awaits her return. Amidst childhood falsehoods and fragmented memories, he struggles to find the words for this very important day. Life has left him speechless, but in his silence lies a story…

The Words Are There is a compelling piece of innovative physical theatre that delves into a lesser learned side of domestic abuse. Written and performed by Ronan Dempsey, the show received five star reviews in May 2017 for its powerful and sensitive telling of a taboo subject.

‘a little like a ... cult classic movie... Everyone will want to see it, and those who miss it regret that they didn't go when they had the chance…’ The Arts Review

‘makes you reach for words like ‘compelling’ and ‘riveting’ to convey the magic of the actor/author’s spellbinding performance ...a powerful piece of theatre’ -No More Workhorse

‘an unforgettable piece of theatre’ -Unforgettable Lines

May 10 8pm
May 11 8pm
May 12 3pm & 8pm

Nun’s Island Theatre - 60 mins