This Was Never Going To Be Normal

By Deirdre Murphy and Rebecca Reilly

Photocredit: Paul Gerrard

This Was Never Going to Be Normal.

This was always going to be a catastrophe.

This was never before.

There is always going to be a clown.

We germinate; we nurture agency.

We collect the detritus of breath, the exhaled debris of our consumption.

We renegotiate value.

We are gods, balancing weight and lightness as a means to cope in a changing world.

We are humans, reflecting the radiance of wisdom which has come before.

The silver bullet has backfired.

We will immerse you into this world so you can retrieve your means.

The goddesses have been invited.

A dance theatre live sound installation performed by Deirdre Murphy and Rebecca Reilly.  

Created by the fellowship of Deirdre, Rebecca, and Jenny Macdonald.

May 9-May 10, 8:30pm

May 11, 5pm & 8:30pm

Bank of Ireland Theatre, NUIG

Duration: 50 mins