Two Truths

By Sarah Hoover

Let’s play a game. Let’s play politics. In our post-truth, post-fact era, what do we use to make important decisions? The Play / Test Organisation is here to help you guide the nation’s policies through intuition and gut feeling.

Two Truths is a game-theatre event that lets players collectively decide the direction Ireland should go for the next ten years. Drawing on the simple game ‘two truths and a lie’ (where one person tells the other three ‘truths’, one of which is a lie), Two Truths asks us to question our own beliefs, and what they are based on.

A playful and thought-provoking experience that mixes role-play, theatre, politics, debate, and colouring crayons!

May 5 2pm
May 6 2pm
May 7 2pm

O’Donoghue Centre, NUIG - 75 mins