GTF 2023 - Open Call

 A very warm welcome to Galway Theatre Festival’s Open Call for Festival 2023! 
 With Festival 2023 fast approaching, we at Galway Theatre Festival renew our promise to support innovative, high-quality work from inception to production, and to continue working in pursuit of a sustainable and equitable arts infrastructure in Ireland. 
 Moving forward, we take an expansive view of what a festival might look like- encouraging experimentation, innovation and outreach, whilst remaining rooted in the values of human connection, shared presence, and interaction. Our vision is of Galway as a centre of emerging and innovative theatre that pushes boundaries and challenges creators and audiences in an inclusive, multi-lingual and culturally diverse environment. We- Galway Theatre Festival aim to create the ethos, space and environment where artists and theatre makers can take risks, where audiences can find challenges and surprises and where new ideas and work can find their feet.
 To continue developing a sustainable arts infrastructure in the West of Ireland, it's imperative we work with artists; sharing objectives and ambitions as we aim to further develop opportunities for those in the West.
 With this in mind, Festival 2023 will prioritize the following:
  • Supporting high-quality, full-scale productions that demonstrate ambition to form enduring partnerships, tour, and to continue production at a national and international level.
  • Supporting artists and works-in-development that are innovative and experimental in nature, explore contemporary-relevant subject matter, and illustrate ambition to develop to a high-quality level . (During this phase, Galway Theatre Festival is committed to supporting the developmental process, and such works should prioritise qualitative development, not final showings. Good art takes time, and its vital artists are afforded and encouraged to pursue appropriate development opportunities).
  • Supporting work that increases engagement with: the Irish language, Gaeltacht areas, rural communities in the West, Arts & Disability, Arts & Young People, Arts & Older People, and Arts & Minority Groups.
If you have an idea you would like to discuss with the GTF team before submitting, please get in touch with Aoife Noone (Creative Director) and Aoife Delany Reade (General Manager) at
The deadline for applications is 10 pm Friday 21st of October


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