Final Thoughts - Digital Theatre

Question - What can Digital Theatre do that in person theatre cannot? 

Embodying Glass - Dancing with the Dark

How do you write about a dance piece? Dance and music were created to transcend language, to share a knowledge of the world that cannot be captured...

Theatre and Accessibility - Breaking down Barriers

Simple steps towards accessibility help bring in new audiences to GTF and  help normalize accessibility in the digital space and in the theatre world.

GirlPlay – Desire in Dialogue

Hear what we had to say about our experience in witnessing the audio play "GirlPlay" by Sarah Richardson.  The voices weave together like a vibrant...

Meet The Interns!

Meet Noel Minogue & Laura Brincat, the two GTF Interns who have helped put the Festival 2021 together!

Call For Applicants: Creative Director

Galway Theatre Festival GTF is seeking an innovative and dynamic Creative Director to lead the Festival through an exciting stage in the organisati...