GTF 2022 - Open Call

After months of reduced horizons and restricted movement, GTF 2022 is getting ready to come back stronger than ever! Got an idea for a new performa...

Call for Applicants - General Manager

Galway Theatre Festival is seeking a passionate and dedicated General Manager to work with the Creative Director in leading the Festival through an...

GTF Announces New Creative Director!

Galway Theatre Festival is delighted to announce Aoife Noone as the incoming Creative Director of GTF!

Final Thoughts - Digital Theatre

Question - What can Digital Theatre do that in person theatre cannot? 

Embodying Glass - Dancing with the Dark

How do you write about a dance piece? Dance and music were created to transcend language, to share a knowledge of the world that cannot be captured...

Theatre and Accessibility - Breaking down Barriers

Simple steps towards accessibility help bring in new audiences to GTF and  help normalize accessibility in the digital space and in the theatre world.

GirlPlay – Desire in Dialogue

Hear what we had to say about our experience in witnessing the audio play "GirlPlay" by Sarah Richardson.  The voices weave together like a vibrant...

Meet The Interns!

Meet Noel Minogue & Laura Brincat, the two GTF Interns who have helped put the Festival 2021 together!

Call For Applicants: Creative Director

Galway Theatre Festival GTF is seeking an innovative and dynamic Creative Director to lead the Festival through an exciting stage in the organisati...