In 2019, Galway Theatre Festival recruited Dramaturg Claire Mullane to work with 3 companies programmed under the Made-in-Galway (work-in-progress) strand. This strand was developed to support the work of Galway based artists, and to offer audiences a behind-the-scenes peek at a work-in-development. 

In 2020 Claire, the Festival’s Dramaturg, began work with 4 additional companies programmed in the festival. However, as with many things in 2020, the work was greatly impacted by COVID, and the festival forestalled into an unknown future.

However, despite this obtrusion GTF persevered and in 2021, the Festival officially launched its Dramaturgy Programme. Last year, three Festival dramaturgs - Claire Mullane, Sarah Hoover and Marina Ní Dhubhain worked with programmed artists- offering dramaturgical support and aiding artists in their developmental process. The Festival Dramaturgs received mentorship from Gavin Kostick, Literary Manager with Fishamble: The New Play Company, and each dramaturg  was paired with a mentor - Maisie Lee, Davey Kelleher and Pamela McQueen, all established directors and dramaturgs working throughout the country.

In 2022 GTF continues to develop its Dramaturgy Programme- with the majority of our productions receiving dramaturgical support. Gavin Kostick continues to provide support facilitating the Dramaturgy Programme, and as part of 2022 will host free workshops to aspiring Dramaturgs.

If interested in attending a workshop with Gavin, please email your expression of interest to galwaytheatrefestival@gmail.com.